Alvin Curran - Toto Angelica
[IDA / ReR,]

The premise seems simple enough. Take the entire Angelica catalogue and then mix it down, cut it, sample it, do whatever it is that you want with it in a live setting. This is what Alvin Curran did during the 2001 Angelica Festival. Unfortunately, half way through his performance, his Mac gave way and refused, gave notice of its death and simply kicked the bucket. 'It's not my fault' uttered by Alvin's Mac at the end of the performance is one of the most hilarious utterances you're bound to hear. Then again, I'm sure it wasn't all that funny to Alvin as his hard work at that point went by the wayside. Not surprisingly then, 'Toto Angelica' includes two versions of that memorable performance ' one is the original concert recording, while the second one is a remix, which was revisited through a period of about 4 years following the performance. What we hear during each of the 25 minute versions are thick clusters of Angelica's rich catalogue ' N.O.R.M.A., Tom Cora, Tristan Honsinger, Guy Klucevsek, Mike Patton, Phil Minton, Catherine Jauniaux, Bob Ostertag, and countless others. What is amazing is how Alvin Curran gets the various vocalists to do 'virtual' choruses ' Phil Minton with Catherine Jauniaux or the way electronics of Michel Waisvisz and Bob Ostertag intermingle and blend into the scenery. It's these unexpected virtual ensembles that make this composition a truly wild ride. The album closes with 8 shorter pieces, recorded live at Alvin's house between 1999 and 2002. The imagery is still distinct and thick. [Thick is the best word to describe Alvin's music. If you thought 'Crystal Psalms' was dense, wait until you hear these pieces!] All in all, 'Toto Angelica' is wild, heavy and fast journey of snippets outlining the entire Angelica catalogue. Consider this Angelica's business card.

Tom Sekowski

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