The Cobblestone is the Weapon of the Proletariat
Is There a Smell on the Other Side?
The Sudarium of St Veronica
The Summerhouse

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Leif Elggren is what you would call an all-encompassing artist. Besides music, this Swedish creative soul is heavily involved in publishing, stage performances, installations and composition. Along with dozens of records to his own name and as many works in other disciplines, he is probably best known for creating KREV [Kingdoms of Elgaland/Vargaland] - a virtual country that comes with its own unique constitution, national anthem and various departments. Since 1988, together with Kent Tankred, he is a part of the Guds söner [Sons of God], a duo whose unconventional methods of presenting their forum has raised many accolades and eyebrows at the same time [for one infamous performance, the duo drove a number of chairs across the stage, while another performance featured the duo striving to make a carpet fly with little success]. While these four Leif Elggren releases from the Firework Edition catalogue are separate identities and stand well on their own accord, the common thread running through these is the sheer determination and guts of this artists to make his undiluted work filter directly through to the listeners' ears.
On June 15th, 2001 a cobblestone was thrown on the street outside of the Firework Edition studios in Stockholm. That one sound [the stone was only thrown once] forms the basis of the sound material for most of the material on "The Cobblestone is the Weapon of the Proletariat". While some material is fairly straight-forward buzzing drones, other stuff is much more obtuse. It's difficult to get a grasp on some of the more oblique material, though one gets the sense that this is the whole purpose of this exercise. The cobblestone is not meant to be recognized, as the electric shifts in the soundwork take precedence over everything else. Is it the egg or the chicken that came first, one begs to ask. "The North is Protected" is a recited work produced specifically for the Nordic Pavilion at 2001's la Biennale di Venezia. Elggren yells that "The north is protected from Elvis Presley. The north is protected by the king. The north is protected from musical influences." Taking cues perhaps from Bern Porter's "The Last Acts of St. Fuck You", Elggren's rant is as hilarious as it is straight-faced in its delivery.
"The road: The mouth, teeth, gullet, throat, stomach, intestines, rectum. A movement intended to be one-way throughout, but which in many cases constitutes a dead end. Stops in the stomach and returns the way it came. Wants to get out again. Doubt. Regret. - A bit of white froth at the corners of the mouth, almost like a kind of sticky, gray-white, thick grease, creates a certain feeling of disgust, distaste (Wipe your mouth, for Christ's sake!). But it is also, unequivocally, a physical indication of bodily decay, of death that is everywhere approaching, in every nook and cranny." Over the next 65 minute span, Elggren spews out a litany of disgust and demoralizing mantra. "Is There a Small on the Other Side?" is not easy listening for it is the sound of decay. This is the sound of a repeated sample of a record played over and over, while the author rants his fears associated with life, death and ultimately disintegration. Scary journey but one worth taking at least a few times, in order to get a grasp on this man's thought process.
Source material for "The Sundarium of St Veronica" is a copper engraving by French artist Claude Mellan from 1649. The portrait is that of Christ and it's engraved through a continuous spiral line that begins at the tip of his nose. A reproduction was made of the original, which was a photo etching done in copper. This plate was played back by specifically designed turntable and recorded for this CD. There are three variations documented here. First one is the most minimal of the three. This one involved the plate being spun by hand with a dry-point needle. The rough glitches are sparse, while the spacing between sounds is stretched out. When the plate is played back at 33 RPMs, the sound becomes much more aggressive and suddenly comes alive. By the middle of the piece, one gets the perception that we're stuck in the middle of a hail storm that won't let up. When the plate is put on a table while the needle is moving in the third variation, once again the sounds become sparse and intermittent. Highly revolutionary, consider this recording a soundtrack to an art masterpiece.
Swedish scientist and philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg began to speak to spirits in The Summerhouse in Swedenborg sometime during the middle of 1700s. Leif Elggren and sound fisher Michael Esposito traveled to the location in July of last year to record the ghostly happenings inside this house. Esposito used Electronic Voice Phenomena [form of communicating with the dead] to record the mysterious, other-worldly occurrence inside the mansion. Whether what we hear on "The Summerhouse" is Swedenborg speaking to angels or not, I don't know. Certainly, there are voices heard throughout the recordings, oftentimes repeating the same phrase or just individual words. Add to this footsteps, mysterious knocks and taps, static and drilling and you get a completely messed up work. Scary as hell! Did I mention there's a recipe for authentic Swedish Semlor printed inside the CD booklet.

- Tom Sekowski

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